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About Us

Meet Gary
creative director / founder


Gary is the founder of his creative design agency rocktigerDESIGN. His goal is to provide affordable and high quality design services for content creators, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses across the globe.

After graduating in 2006 he has worked as a graphic and web designer for companies including Mail Boxes Etc, Brastop, The Samuel Pepys Club, Morphsuits, Royal & Awesome and many more. Gary has been around as a content creator since 2016 and been operating his own YouTube channel while working with other creators on their branding, helping them channelling their core message. In addition to digital design, he is deeply passionate about print that he has gained a lot of experience over the years.

His in-depth knowledge of print, design language and understanding of social media made him the go-to person for a great amount of people for over a decade. Now he is ready to offer you the help that you need for your projects.


Why Rocktiger​?

When coming up with the company name, Gary wanted to choose something that has meaning, that serves a bigger purpose and brings attention to something that he loves and cares for. Being a person who has a special connection to Taiwan and knowing that the Leopard Cats are extremely endangered on that island, Gary wanted to raise awareness of this beautiful creature.
In Taiwan the Leopard Cat (also called as "Joho" which means "rocktiger") is currently endangered with less than 1000 cats living in the mid-Taiwan region in Miaoli county, according to the National Science Museum in Taichung. The animal was officially listed as an endangered species by the Taiwan government in 2008.
As a company we believe that it is important to take steps toward a better future to leave for the next generation, to help our environment and to protect these wonderful creatures in the beautiful island of Taiwan.

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