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A Design That Protects

As an individual I always loved and care for the natural world. The little I know about how things have worked really made me learn a lot in my adult years so far. Certainly that with the human activity and our biggest threat yet that climate change there's a lot to be done. But what an individual can do when there's an overwhelming task ahead?

Small Steps

Someone once said "a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind." That person was Neil Armstrong back in 1969 when he stepped on the surface of our Moon in the 20th of July. He meant that with heartfelt thinking - at least I think to this day - and my efforts are not smaller either.

I always wanted to help and becoming part of the bigger picture, doing something that I can be proud of. WWF was always an organisation I admired their effort what they put into wildlife preservation and protecting the environment. It took me the most challenging time of our life, the middle of a global pandemic to realise the importance of how their effort needs more help.

My contribution is not a lot, but I hope that in the long run will help the cause I signed up to, to help protecting the life of that little number of Amur Leopard population in the wild we have left. There's a lot that needs protecting and there's a lot that we can do as an individual, and adopting with WWF certainly made me feel that my little contribution will go to the right way, to a cause that I believe in passionately.

Our Commitment

As an individual and as a company I will be committed to give back more to the world that I could have ever done. I always believed that my work is not only to make a brand look great and easy to recognize, but to have that extra meaning behind every design. In the future, every job I take will be also moved by this agenda and I will be submitting 1% of our income to the help the protection of the Amur Leopards.

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